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Safe Drop


Safe Drop is a security application to enhance employees’ safety. It ensures employees of a company are dropped home safely via their office cabs. In case an employee feels unsafe or thinks he/she wasn’t dropped safely, the transport manager can be notified via the app with just a tap. With Safe Drop installed, you can:1. Notify your company’s transport manager about the status of your drop; Safe or Unsafe.2. Choose the reason for unsafe drop and submit your response.3. Get help in no time when you’re in trouble during pickup/drop.4. Instantly contact your guardians for help, in case of an emergency.5. Send your current location to your transport manager when needed.6. Call the police when in trouble.7. Locate the nearest police station.8. Send your emergency/SOS call details to your transport manager. Note: You can use this app only if your company is registered with it and your number is listed in your transport manager’s records. This app is currently available for Systweak & The Phone Support employees only.